Sunday, December 17, 2017

Last commission before Xmas

If you want me to draw an initial or to write a text for this Xmas, it's too late. I just finished the last commission & will not be able to do anything else before Xmas (you can still buy some of my older works ;-) ).

Here are some pics of the different steps of the work.
The instructions were a blue R and something about the sea. I looked at some old medieval maps and let my nib ramble on the paper.

gilding & painting of the letter.

Drawing of the structure of the filigrees and first pattern

End of the cobalt blue filigree

End of the end of the final thing

I used prussian blue & colbalt blue (watercolor), gilding is done with gold leaf over acrylic gesso as usual, the whole thing has been made on Arches watercolor paper.

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