Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ein Stein ...

This post is dedicated to Iris Van de Casteele, a belgian poet who lives in Paraguay.
She honoured me by writing a poem about my works in a collection named Grains de folie, poem which my modesty forbids me to reproduce here (even if she was kindly making fun of my failures).
At the same time, she was punlishing another collection of poems, in german this time, called Reflexionen where I found the text that follows.

For those who don't speak german, this poem starts with the words : "A Stone ...". I immediately felt again in my engraving delirium and wrote/engraved the text with a gothic script on a schist pebble.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Last weekend, I went for a walk on a pebble beach not far from home where the pebbles are made of schist and not of granite as usual in the area.
I picked up some to see whether I could make something out of them.

Thus passes the glory of the world

I wrote/engraved the sentence directly, I think I will polish a bit the next one before to make sure the letters are really sharp.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Back to paper and, almost compulsorily, back to filigrees.
A small Birthday card for a friend who just got 40.

Walnut stain and ferro-gallic ink on paper.
It was far too easy, I got to find new challenges or I will soon get back to my engravings on slate/metal.

Monday, March 3, 2014

those volatile dreams...

Here it is, at last, I finished my engraving work on slate and zinc.

You can see the whole work here, and two close-up here and there.
It was my first large work on slate, I'm quite happy with it even if I spent more time on it than I expected.
I will now be able to get back to paper work, almost forgot the taste of it.

And, I was about to forget, it is a text by Petronius, a fragment of the Satiricon, you can find its trancript here.