Monday, August 11, 2014

Plexiglas monogram

My first try, as good as the design was, wasn't deep enough to tool the soaps.
Hopefully, I found an old bit of Plexiglas lying around in the garden so I tried once more, this time using a little milling machine to engrave it.

As the Plexiglas is transparent, this time, I can show you the monogram right side up, it is still an SC.

I think it will do the job this time, I'll post a pic of the tooled soaps once their maker would have tried this new seal.

And of course, it gave me tons of ideas to work with Plexiglas, to be followed :-)


  1. It gave ME tons of ideas for plexiglass!!! :)

    1. Happy to be of any help :-)
      hope you'll show what you will do with Plexi !