Thursday, November 10, 2011

The country of death - final version

The first version of this book title being rejected for legibility reasons, here is the final version of the title which will be printed on the cover of the book.

For all that, my first try will not be lost as it will be used as the internal title of the book.


  1. Right! I see that I did not see your response to my comment on the first version at Anachropsy.
    But indeed - it wasn't a translation I was after - just the identities of the letters.
    But they ARE beautiful, your first letters. They just need to be applied somewhere where people already know what they say, or can be worked out by people familiar with the language - like those old favourites, the gospel intros...:·)
    BRO AN ANKOU may be a very well-known phrase in Breton...
    This version is nice, too. But it lacks that edgy elegance...
    I'm starting to see that first version as a piece of jewelery...a silver bracelet, maybe.

  2. Yeah, I feel like being a calligrapher for quite a long time now, I've lost the sense of what is legible by "normal" people (cos I've got to admit that my first version seems perfectly legible to me !!).
    BRO AN ANKOU ma be understandable by breton speaking people (which is a small number) but not by anyone and the aim of this was to make it legible by anyone who could be interested in the book, so not only breton speaking people.
    Anyway, the first version will still be used as the title on the first page of the book (as said in my post) so in the end, calligraphy and jewelery are to be kept in this project :-)